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Easy Coconut

Through the development of traditional coconuts such as Shell Coconut, Diamond Coconut, we have a new disruptive in the first phase of 2019 to create a Easy Coconut – the name depends on its meaning: very convenient, anyone can use it just through a gentle manipulation, in order to further serve the domestic market (because many people are interested in products from Mekong). Now this product is being used by many customers in both domestic and international markets because products are driven by its utility, deliciousness and distinctive beauty.

Easy Coconut

Easy Coconut: The feature of this product is slightly different from Bald Coconut, Diamond Coconut, which is how to peel and use.
The way to peel this type is opposite the traditional way (cutting to put the eyes on top), so in the word of mouth to you, the peeling part is the reverse peeled coconut.
Shaped differently from Diamond Coconut, peel off the outer shell to leave the white fiber, cut until the eye part of the left is visible, mark this position for easy identification by users.
This is also the type of coconut that has been exported a lot since the beginning of 2019 and is being enjoyed by the international and domestic markets.
Easy Coconut as well as other products at Mekong Fruits Import Export Co., Ltd are preliminarily processed from the selection from the growing areas with good soil through the combination of care from the staff of the company and farmers to bring the Siamese coconuts to the best level, neither too old nor too young, just enough copra to give the water a sweet and natural taste.

Easy coconuts produced at Mekong Fruit Import-Export Company

Advantages of Easy Coconut

– Has a very easy-to-see appearance, both strange and eye-catching for consumers.
– Can be kept for 50-60 days if stored at 2 – 5 degrees Celsius, 1 month at refrigerator temperature and about 10 days at normal temperature.
– Selected from Ben Tre Siamese coconut, it guarantees to have a delicious, cool taste from nature, helping to instantly quench thirst for hot summer days.
– Besides, coconut water also has beauty benefits, good for the digestive system, cardiovascular system and can fight oxidation.

Easy Coconut Drink Instructions

This Easy Coconut is relatively easy to use for everyone, the upper part of the coconut which is under the stamp has made a small round mark, this is the position to use the straw to press firmly to use.

Convenient way to use coconut produced at Mekong Fruit Import-Export Company

Convenient Coconut Identification – Easy Coconut meets quality

Drinking coconut water is very good for health, so this is considered a favorite drink of many people. If you are a person who likes to drink coconut water, you will probably also be very interested in how to choose the best Easy Coconut. Here are some criteria when choosing for readers to refer to:

– Look closely at the outside of the coconut: if you find mold stains, the color of the outer core is dry, turns yellow or red, the bottom part has dark layers, pink with a strange smell. or cracked, you should not choose to buy.
– Especially, find a prestigious vendor specializing in preliminarily processing coconut water to buy because on the market today there are many vendors that produce this type of coconut that do not reach the standard and do not guarantee quality.

Currently, with this type of coconut, Mekong only provides orders with a minimum quantity of over 2,000 fruits/order, mostly serving the export market, selling directly or through trading companies.

How to preserve Easy Coconut 

Like any other products, if you do not store it properly, it may lose its inherent nutrients, not only no longer retain its delicious taste, but also affect consumer’s health
With the characteristic of serving the export market, all coconut products in Mekong are properly processed, meeting the requirements of food safety and hygiene and stored at temperatures from 2 to 5 degrees Celsius from the time the finished product is packaged until it is shipped to customer partners around the world, then they are sold on their distribution system at markets, convenience supermarkets…

Supplier information Easy Coconut in Ben Tre

Mekong Fruit Import-Export Co., Ltd specializes in providing prestigious Diamond Coconut in Ben Tre with the standard of processing coconut for export. Please refer to the information below:

– Type: Green Siamese coconut, Red Siamese coconut belongs to the area where the company selects and consumes materials in Ben Tre
– Appearance: Coconut is peeled off the outer shell, smoothing the surface of the bottom, cut closely to the eye part of the coconut, mark the position to use
– EXP: 60 – 70 days from the date of manufacture, refrigerated at 2 – 5 degrees Celsius
– Taste: the water has a characteristic sweet taste
– Weight: 600 – 800 grams/fruit
– Degree of brix: 7 – 9
– Quantity: 2,000 fruits / 1 order.

Easy coconut box produced at Mekong Fruit Import-Export Company