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Shell Coconut

Ben Tre land is famous as the “capital” of coconuts with many different types, from siamese coconut, pineapple coconut, Sap coconut,… and each type has its own characteristics. Ben Tre siamese coconut is currently targeted by customers. Because of not only its delicious taste – the speciality of siamese coconut but also its convenience when used.

Shell Coconut

Shell Coconut is also known by many other names such as peeled coconut, peeled siamese coconut, skull-peeled siamese coconut,… The feature of this coconut is that it is completely removed from the outer layer of coir and cleaned. Thus, it will be compact in size, very convenient to carry with you and much easier to use. Thanks to the combination of care from the factory’s staff and the farmer to bring the best siamese coconuts which are neither too old nor too young, part of copra is enough to give the water a sweet taste and natural bar.
Shell Coconut at Mekong Fruit Export Co., Ltd. is completely selected from growing areas with good soil. Accompanying the combination of care from the factory’s staff with the farmer to bring the best siamese coconuts which are neither too old nor too young, the part of copra is enough to give the water a sweet taste and natural bar.

Advantages of Shell Coconut

Shell Coconut is very popular on the market today with the outstanding advantages of this product can be mentioned such as:

– Compact, does not occupy too much space because the peel is completely peeled.
– Can be kept for 40-45 days if it is stored at a temperature of 2-5 degrees Celsius and about 1 week if at indoor temperature.
– Suitable for you to carry when traveling, picnic or bringing to school or work.
– Selected from Ben Tre Siamese coconut, so it guarantee to have a delicious, cool taste from nature and helps to quench thirst for hot summer days.
– Besides, coconut water also has beauty benefits, good for the digestive system, heart and can fight oxidation.

How to use Shell Coconut

With Shell Coconut, you will be able to drink easily with just a few very simple steps. After peeling the entire outer shell, the coconut will appear with coconut eyes and this is the place for you to plug the straw into to enjoy.

After you have finished drinking coconut water, next you will use the edge of a knife to shatter around the point of the coconut and it will automatically crack. At this time, you only need to gently separate this crust to eat the coconut rice inside. The method of drinking coconut water and enjoying is especially simple; no need to use a cleaver is the outstanding advantage that bald coconuts have.

How to identify Shell Coconut reaches good quality

Drinking coconut water is very good for health, so this is considered as a favorite drink of many people. If you are a person who likes to drink coconut water, you will probably also be very interested in how to choose the best Shell Coconut. Here are some criteria when choosing for readers can refer to:

– Look closely at the outside of the coconut: the skin and eyes of the coconut have been peeled, if you find that the color turns red, purple, has dark spots, mold, has a strange smell or is cracked, you should not choose to buy.
– Particularly, find a prestigious vendor specializing in preliminarily processing coconut water to buy.

Currently, with this type of coconut we only serve with orders with a minimum quantity of over 3,000 fruits / order, 100% only for the export market.

How to store Shell Coconut

Like any other product, if you do not store it properly, the inherent nutrients may lose, not only no longer retain its delicious taste, but also affect consumer’s health.
Compared to other fruits, the shelf life of coconuts will be much longer. If stored properly, they can be kept for about 45 days with the standard temperature of 2 – 5 degrees Celsius.
If stored in a cool place, away from direct sunlight, you can keep Shell coconut for about 1 week.

Information about the supplier of Shell Coconut prestigious in Ben Tre

Mekong Fruit Import Export Co., Ltd specializes in providing products that are processed from fresh coconuts in Ben Tre with preliminary processing standards that meet export standards. Please refer to the information below:

– Type: Green and red Siamese coconuts belong to the area where the company selects and consumes material in Ben Tre.
– Appearance: The coconut is peeled and the part of the shell is brushed.
– EXP: 40 – 45 days from the date of production, refrigerated 2 – 5 degrees Celsius, 5 to 7 days at normal temperature (keep in a cool, clean place or refrigerator)
– Taste: the water has a characteristic sweet taste
– Weight: 500 – 850 grams/fruit
– Degree of brix: 7 – 9
– Quantity: (for export units)