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The use “toxic and strange” of Ben Tre coconut

Making food

Firstly, Ben Tre coconut can be used to process many different foods such as:

– Coconut water: A refreshing drink on hot summer days. Coconut water is packed with nutrients like sugar, protein, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. The content of potassium and magnesium in coconut water is similar to human cell fluid so it is often used for patients with diarrhea. Coconut water can be drunk directly from fresh coconut, today coconut water is also packed into export cans. In addition, coconut water is also used to prepare coconut jelly or jelly jelly delicious. These are also very popular products at home and abroad.

– Everyday dishes in the family: Copra, also known as white copra, is used in fresh or dried form in some daily dishes of Vietnamese families. Coconut rice is shredded, squeezed to make coconut milk, or coconut milk, used to make coconut candy products – specialty Ben Tre, coconut cream, coconut jelly here. In addition, it is impossible not to mention the coconut jam dish used in the traditional New Year of the Vietnamese people. Made from shredded coconut, slug with granulated sugar and allowed to dry.

Coconut jam on Tet holiday

One of the favorite products of Ben Tre coconut is handicrafts. Raw materials to make these products are taken from many different parts from coconut trees such as coconut shell, coconut wood, coconut shell or coconut leaves, … With their skillful hands and creativity, the technology Nhan has created many unique handicrafts for both domestic and foreign markets, bringing about economic and cultural values.

Currently, there are about 500 products made from Ben Tre coconut such as baskets, gift baskets, night lights, bags, wallets, … The variety of types and models is also a big plus for these products. In some Western tours, you will have the opportunity to visit and experience the actual production of these appliances.
Beauty products

Traveling to Ben Tre, you will not only enjoy special dishes made from coconut, but also find many natural and safe beauty products. Some outstanding products that can not be ignored are: coconut oil, coconut mask, coconut shower gel, hair cream, … Because of the benign and many uses, these beauty products are very favorite, especially the women. They are also suitable for you to buy as gifts for your relatives and friends.

In addition, Ben Tre coconut also has some other effects such as:

– Desiccated coconut shells are used as part of some musical instruments such as the Chinese lake, the Chinese lake or the Vietnamese shells, which are struck together to create sounds like the sound of hooves.

– Coir fiber is used to make ropes, carpets, brushes, boat mosaic as well as used as compaction material. It is also commonly used in farming, as a filler in fertilizers.

– Coconut husks and fibers are used as charcoal or as a fuel source.

– Coconut leaves are often used by people in Ben Tre to roof, make roofs, use as baskets and brooms for coconut.